About SMRs

Social media releases (SMRs) share content with journalists, online editors and bloggers in a format they can easily digest and, in turn, share with others through text, links, images, video, bookmarks and tags.

SMRs provide the recipient with the information they demand in a convenient package so they can write a story their way, without having to carve it out of a traditional media release or pitch.

About Cube

Cube is a Sydney-based independent public relations agency working across the health and nutrition arena.

SMR Portal

The Cube SMR portal is a custom-built, dedicated online resource housing interactive social media releases on a range of healthcare topics, providing you with all the elements needed to write your story through an easily accessible 'one stop shop'.

Contact Us

Suite A, Level 2, Building A
13 Joynton Ave
Zetland, NSW, 2017

Phone: +61 (2) 9578 2000
Email: media@cube.com.au